This Bipolar Life: Goldilocks and Me

Almost universally people with mental illnesses struggle with figuring out when they can trust their brains. Like, at what point is my depressed brain overriding my daily existence? When does it stop and I find a new normal? How do I know? When can I trust it? Now? Later? When I’ve gone X time sinceContinue reading “This Bipolar Life: Goldilocks and Me”

This Bipolar Life: Chronic Illness

I ran across an interesting conversation about this subject recently so I figured it’d be good blog fodder. Chronic illness: Continuing a long time or recurring frequently. Mental illness belongs in that definition too. It matters. It is a medical condition caused by a *physical* chemical imbalance and it comes with a set of spoonsContinue reading “This Bipolar Life: Chronic Illness”

This Bipolar Life: Violence of the Mind

Before I dive deep on this please know I am in a stable place. I would have to be to even write this. Please keep any comments kind and supportive as this is easily one of the most vulnerable posts for me since I’ve started years ago. Ever see those “8 things a bipolar personContinue reading “This Bipolar Life: Violence of the Mind”

This Bipolar Life: Who Am I, Really?

For years I have said “I am bipolar” when talking about my illness. Now, in therapy lately I’ve been challenged to rethink how I relate to bipolar and its impact on my life. Now I say “I *have* bipolar” which is very different for me and how I hear it. People’s reactions to my disclosureContinue reading “This Bipolar Life: Who Am I, Really?”

This Bipolar Life: Numb

I’m not really sure what to write sometimes. I wish I had profound things to pass along but the reality that I’m just one person and I’m not even particularly witty hits me pretty hard on occasion. See, before the onset of my bipolar I was a wreck but had my good moments. Once weContinue reading “This Bipolar Life: Numb”