This Bipolar Life: Bring Your Presence to the Present

Today I want share my experience of moving from passive existence to engaged living. What is it like when just passive existence is a default perspective? It’s a dull, droll life. Time passes without notice, goals and dreams – what are those, right? Sometimes this can become an embedded pattern and years can pass unnoticedContinue reading “This Bipolar Life: Bring Your Presence to the Present”

This Bipolar Life: The Lens

Clinical diagnoses are the lens through which we, as patients, are perceived. We changed insurance companies. They didn’t cover my psychiatrist. So…new one. Guess what? Forty minutes into the new “relationship” I came away with two new diagnoses for major mental illnesses. ON TOP OF BIPOLAR. Because yeah, my previous two psychiatrists and my variousContinue reading “This Bipolar Life: The Lens”

This Bipolar Life: The Coin Toss

Making decisions is not my strength, yet. I’m working on it but the whole finality of the choices gets me. Like, what if I’m wrong? What if it goes sideways? What if? What if? What if? Increasingly I am also making sure to wonder if I’m right too and that’s helping! Fortunately I have toolsContinue reading “This Bipolar Life: The Coin Toss”

This Bipolar Life: Chronic Illness

I ran across an interesting conversation about this subject recently so I figured it’d be good blog fodder. Chronic illness: Continuing a long time or recurring frequently. Mental illness belongs in that definition too. It matters. It is a medical condition caused by a *physical* chemical imbalance and it comes with a set of spoonsContinue reading “This Bipolar Life: Chronic Illness”

This Bipolar Life: Violence of the Mind

Before I dive deep on this please know I am in a stable place. I would have to be to even write this. Please keep any comments kind and supportive as this is easily one of the most vulnerable posts for me since I’ve started years ago. Ever see those “8 things a bipolar personContinue reading “This Bipolar Life: Violence of the Mind”