This Bipolar Life: News Update 8/4/19

Here is the latest and greatest news about bipolar disorder throughout the world. Of course this is not exhaustive but it’s a nice wrap up of a few important articles. I hope you enjoy the post and feel free to ask me questions in comments or via email. The Unacknowledged Prejudice Against People Living WithContinue reading “This Bipolar Life: News Update 8/4/19”

This Bipolar Life: Numb

I’m not really sure what to write sometimes. I wish I had profound things to pass along but the reality that I’m just one person and I’m not even particularly witty hits me pretty hard on occasion. See, before the onset of my bipolar I was a wreck but had my good moments. Once weContinue reading “This Bipolar Life: Numb”

Ho, Ho, Holidays!

This Christmas is coming up faster than ever it seems and it feels like I can’t keep up with the swirling frenetic energy. Too many options. So many expectations. Such an incredible opportunity to make so many smiles appear, and I do so love being a part of that. Here are 5 tips for managingContinue reading “Ho, Ho, Holidays!”

This Bipolar Life: Twice Over

So, this bipolar thing is pretty much a pain in the neck but it gets even worse when there are co-occurring disorders. What does that mean? It’s when there are more than one disorder in a person, related or not. In my experience I developed a few additional disorders over the past several years. It’sContinue reading “This Bipolar Life: Twice Over”