This Bipolar Life: News Update

I love writing this blog and one of the things I enjoy most about it is being able to get some of the latest information out to everyone who follows it. I hope you find these articles informative:

Gender-Based Disparities Identified in Bipolar Disorder Hospitalization Stays

Out of 16,271 people studied women spent 3.7% more time in the hospital than men…Variables captured at index hospitalization included gender, bipolar disorder subtype, comorbid substance/alcohol use disorders, and comorbid personality disorders. Credit: Emily Pond

What Bipolar II Feels Like

This bipolar II. This many-sided creature. This life of mine. This brain constantly in conference with the racing heart, reminding me to slow down, stay calm. – Credit: Bassey Ikpi

Praying for Involuntary Commitment: PA Family Struggles to Help Bipolar Relative

Because Kim doesn’t believe she has a mental illness, she refuses any treatment, Martha said. That’s led to a decade of struggling to get her daughter help in a system that is set up to protect people from being committed against their will. Credit: Brett Sholtis

Ketamine May Be Equally Effective in Axious vs Nonanxious Depression

Overall, investigators conclude that while these results could indicate that intravenous ketamine may be equally effective for the treatment of anxious and non-anxious TRD, the “results are still exploratory and future larger and adequately powered studies designed to specifically test this aim are warranted.” – Credit: Psychiatry Contributing Advisor

Bringing Humanity to the Study of Bipolar

American psychiatrist and writer Kay Redfield Jamison has been open about sharing her experiences of mania and depression and wants others to do the same – Credit: Slyvia Thompson

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