Mother’s Day Memories

Follow along on this brief journey through my little synopsis of how awesome my mom really is. She reminds me sometimes now of my gram, and that is easily the highest compliment I can give. In fact, as my gram would say, “I’m so proud she makes my buttons pop!”. That’s my mom.

You should know a few things about my mom. She kicks ass. She has raised four children and managed to do so with a whole lot of my undiagnosed mental health stuff going on. Second, she had held careers that were diverse and inspirational, saving hearts, minds, and, in some cases, lives, I’m sure. Lastly (although there are so many more), she has managed to do all of this without losing a sense of humor and she has the best taste in wine of anyone I know, a key mom requirement these days!

Now, a bit of reflection and appreciation:

I’m not entirely sure all of what I did in my youngest years (I’m certain I was a challenge) but I recall my teens and I was both a jerk and a know-it-all, as a lot of teens are. I’m sure I wasn’t easy to raise. And yet, she did. We made it to my 16th year and then I bailed. Not entirely certain why other than I was chasing happiness in the form of my (now ex) boyfriend. To be honest, I’ve spent my whole life looking for greener pastures and she has supported me the entire time, calling me on my BS when necessary and loving me through it regardless.

She worked two jobs to keep us afloat and made sure we always had food in the pantry and fridge. Sometimes that food was “only ingredients” to us kids but still, and she could cook some awesome food out of those “ingredients”. Even now I wish I had stuck around long enough to learn some of those tips and tricks.

When it came time to really start my family I had three boys in succession. Then I had a bonus blessing and it turned out that my newest addition was a daughter! I remember we sent mom a photo of the kids and I on the sofa with a balloon saying “It’s a Girl!” and called her on the phone when she got it. She screamed! One of the most delightful moments of my life. Seriously.

She’s become an incredible grandmother and cares deeply for each and every one of her ten grandkids, even when the teens are being jerks, she’s still there. She’s not a person who calls often or sends a lot of cards but she’s always there when it matters. Every gram is different and her version is pretty damn awesome. She even took all the older kids on a 10-day road trip (crazy, I know) and they all have some great memories from that, something I’m grateful for.

Anyway, I know this is super long but it’s hard to summarize how truly inspiring my mom is for me. She has supported me through my bipolar from childhood and is here for me when I need it, without fail. We talk every day and she’s always checking in to make sure I’m doing alright. I’m so grateful for who she is and all she has done with and for me over the years.

Thanks Mom, Happy Mother’s Day – 2019

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